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The Changing Nature of Face-to-Face Sales in a Post-COVID Environment

Face-to-face sales are central to many sectors, particularly Home Improvements. Customers purchase large-ticket products, and buy the holistic experience – reputation, quality, expertise and, very often, a lifestyle.

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has proved it is possible to do almost anything virtually, we are still social beings – we like human contact. That’s why the face-to-face sales technique is so effective. Cold-calling and cold-emailing leaves people cold for a reason, and both are easy to ignore.

The benefits of face-to-face

Face-to-face sales are personal. Sales representatives are experts in their field and can deliver presentations while answering any questions the customer has. This expertise provides reassurance and builds confidence in your brand that results in sales.

Selling face-to-face:

  • Reassures customers
  • Builds brand trust
  • Boosts buying confidence
  • Improves customer experience
  • Increases sales

Face-to-face sales post-COVID

The pandemic pressed pause on face-to-face sales earlier this year, but, with the correct measures in place, it can now resume. Be sensitive to the uncertain climate caused by COVID-19 and the anxiety your customers might feel.

Safeguarding your sales reps and customers

  • Before making and attending an appointment in your customer’s home, it is important to check local COVID-19 restrictions. You can check the Local COVID Alert Level using your customer’s postcode here.
  • Ask your customers whether they, or any other members of their household, have tested positive for COVID-19, are awaiting COVID test results, or have any symptoms. If they have, rearrange the visit for a date after the end of their isolation period.
  • Provide your customer with an explanation of the measures you will take to protect them and how to expect their appointment to go.

At the appointment

On arrival, your sales reps should reiterate that the customer and members of their household do not have, or suspect they have, COVID-19.

  • Use hand sanitiser before entering a customer’s home
  • Maintain a safe distance in the customer’s home
  • Limit contact with surfaces by letting customers open doors for you, for example
  • Try to sit side-on to customers, rather than opposite them
  • Use technology to process sales at arm’s length

How Shermin’s Trade-Quote App can help

In these days of constant change, it’s crucial to demonstrate to customers that you are innovative and able to reimagine the sales process to meet their needs, despite the difficult circumstances.

Here at Shermin, we developed our Trade-Quote app to provide a frictionless purchasing journey. Trade-Quote is a payment-options and quoting tool web-app – both mobile and desktop-friendly so you can bring it to the customer’s home.

Trade-Quote allows you to calculate finance repayment figures at the touch of a button, and email a full list of payment options to the customer and automatically to yourself.


  • Increases chances of a purchasing decision
  • Increase transparency and trust
  • Emails clean and professional quotes
  • Is simple to use

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Key takeaways

  • Face-to-face sales are pivotal in the home improvement market, but safety is paramount.
  • Taking precautions to protect your staff and customers will build trust in your brand.
  • Leveraging technology not only helps maintain a safe distance from customers; it also shows you are innovative, modern and customer-centric. 

Get in touch with Shermin to discuss how our Trade-Quote app can help your business adapt to the post-COVID selling environment.