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How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Business

Whether your customers purchase online or in-store, the internet plays a large role in most people’s purchasing journeys. Smartphones are ubiquitous, and for better or worse, it’s the norm to break out your phone and start scrolling mid-conversation, mid-Netflix, wherever and whenever the need takes you.

The technology in the palm of our hands keeps us connected 24/7 to the people, brands, products and services we want. Most importantly for you, it enables your customers to do their research before they buy. 

Why gather reviews? 

Your small home improvement business might not be the biggest player online nor the best-known brand, but your reviews can influence a person’s decision to buy (or not). Gathering reviews is an easy (and free) way to enhance your reputation, showing off your customer service skills and expertise.

Being open to feedback helps you build great customer relationships – it shows you care. It also allows you to get feedback that can help you identify areas for improvement, potentially alerting you to new opportunities your business can explore. Flexible payment options are an important part of buyer satisfaction.

The power of social proof 

Your own marketing can only convince someone so much. Of course you would say nice things about your product/company/service – you’ve got a vested interest! But when a customer corroborates your claims, it means more. When several do, the impact is amplified. That’s why reviews are valuable and worth building into your after-sales process. 

Getting more online reviews – If you don’t ask…

For most customers, once they’ve completed their purchase and received their goods or service, that’s the end. You’d be surprised, though, how many customers will leave a review simply because you have asked. Customers like to feel valued and listened to. 

How to ask for reviews 

Taking a direct approach can feel awkward, even desperate. It is far better to invite your customer to leave a review. How? 

Calls and chats – make it a habit to invite reviews when closing a conversation with your customers. 

Emails – embed links into your purchase confirmation or follow-up emails. 
Business cards – include details of your social channels on a compliments slip or business card with deliveries.